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Are you going to electronically file tax returns with the IRS?
Do you have an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN)?

Since you plan to e-file returns, we need a copy of your IRS e-file Application Summary. Not sure how to retrieve it? No worries – after completing your Drake Tax order, we’ll follow up with an email to explain where to find it and how to upload it to us in just a few steps. Once we receive the e-file Application Summary, we can verify and activate your account. This verification process is an important part of the IRS’s efforts to help protect EROs, like yourself, and the tax ecosystem as a whole from fraudulent activity.

Account is ineligible for online sales. Contact Drake Accounting at (828) 349-5700.

Important: You must have an EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number) in order to electronically file tax returns with the IRS. Being approved for an EFIN can take from 45 to 90 days so it is important to apply for your EFIN early. To begin the application process, see IRS – Become an Authorized E-File Provider.

Are you a current Drake Software customer?

Current and previous customers should renew their software through our Online Renewal page at https://Apps.DrakeSoftware.com/Renew/. Please continue on that page to renew your account for the new tax year.

Note: If you have more than one office, please order your software by contacting Drake Sales at (800) 890-9500.

Orders for your state are handled through our Dealer Sales Representative, Maggie Jones.

If you were a Drake Software customer in 2019, 2020, or 2021, please call our Accounting Department at (828) 349-5900 to renew your software.

If you are a new customer, please visit our dealer website at the following link: https://DrakeSoftwareSales.com/, or contact Maggie Jones at:

Janes Inc.

1914 South S Street

Fort Smith, AR

(800) 890-9500 or (800) 382-0787

(479) 782-3047 - Fax


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Drake Tax Options

The 2022 Drake Tax software is for preparing and filing 2022 calendar year returns. To purchase Drake Tax for the 2021 calendar year, please call our Accounting department at (828) 349-5900.


Includes ten 1040 returns w/ state(s)

Additional 1040 returns w/ state(s) are $29.99 each

Business/entity returns w/ states(s) are $44.99 each

Important Note: Internet access is required in order to purchase and activate PPR returns.

Add Drake Accounting to your Pay-Per-Return order
(accounting and payroll software)
(included in Pro Edition)
The Tax Book
(a $279 value)

Drake Accounting Only

The 2023 Drake Accounting software is for offering accounting and payroll services in the 2023 calendar year. To purchase Drake Accounting for the 2022 calendar year, please call our Accounting department at (828) 349-5900.

(included in Pro Edition)
How would you like to receive the software?

Download all 2022 tax software releases. If your shipping address is in AK, AR, CA, DE, FL, GA, ID, MO, MT, NH, NJ, NV, OR, OK, SC or VA, you will not be charged sales tax on the software.


Receive the preseason release, the first January release and the final Archive Release on CD in addition to being able to download them from our website.

If your shipping address is in AK, DE, MT, NH, or OR you will not be charged sales tax on the software.